An intimate impression of the leaves and blossoming flowers, they were pressed and flattened on the paper to give life to the visible latent image. I wanted to heighten the color of the blossoming spring garden, each image was enhanced electronically, adding or changing the color of the scanned latent image. Some of the enhancements are mimicking the real flowers but far from the true colors, others are purely for visual impact. Hence the images are intense, saturated and large. Most of the flowers were found in my backyard, a few were picked on road side, and in case you wonder, yes, I stole a couple as well. After the exposure, the leaves and flowers were pressed and dried for other art works. The latent image on paper is not permanent, it changes overtime, and eventually, fades away.

The spring blossom is temporary, short lived but recurring. The plants live through the cycle to blossom for a short period every year. Some plants bear fruits some don't. Some give way to new plants. Their purpose in life is simple, to blossom. Thus, the immortality of the species.

July  2009

in Shanghai, China






© Hisun Wong 2013